Paragon Pioneers 2, the city-building sim, is now available on Android, iOS, and PC

Paragon Pioneers 2, the city-building sim, is now available on Android, iOS, and PC
  • It is an idle city-building game created by solo indie developer Tobias Arlt
  • You can discover and conquer islands as you build a massive kingdom
  • Single-player game with no ads, available for $5.99

Last month, solo indie developer Tobias Arlt announced Paragon Pioneers 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the city-building idle game. The game is now available worldwide, guaranteeing players months of captivating gameplay on mobile and PC. If you're unsure about it being something you’d be interested in, there is a free demo as well.

Carrying forward the success of its predecessor, Paragon Pioneers 2 invites you to dive into an all-encompassing simulation game where you must test various approaches to create and improve your empire. With more than 300 diverse buildings, 130+ goods to produce, and 200+ unique perks to research, the possibilities are endless as you shape your territory to fulfil the desires of your citizens.

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In the game, you will explore three distinct regions, each presenting its own set of challenges. You can also conquer islands using a comprehensive and intuitive combat system. Whether you prefer a relaxed gaming experience or thrive on a challenge, Paragon Pioneers 2 offers adaptable difficulty settings to suit your preferred play style.

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While all of that may sound complex, gameplay is pretty easy to understand, and you can leisurely play as your city keeps developing even when you're away. Add to that a unique map generator shaping every island to suit your needs and powerful custodians granting unique abilities. Paragon Pioneers 2 offers extensive replay value, ensuring that no two gameplay experiences are ever the same.

Another great part is that Paragon Pioneers 2 is a single-player offline game with no ads. That means no distractions or annoying adverts that ruin the gameplay experience. If this seems like something up your alley, then download the game by clicking on your preferred link below. It is a premium title costing $5.99 or a regional equivalent. Visit the official website for more information.

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