Medieval fantasy city-builder Paragon Pioneers 2 is launching soon on mobile

The game will also be available on Steam.

Medieval fantasy city-builder Paragon Pioneers 2 is launching soon on mobile
  • Paragon Pioneers 2 will launch on mobile and PC on March 11th.
  • It's an idle city-building game created by solo developer Tobias Arlt.
  • You can discover and conquer islands as you build your empire.

Solo developer Tobias Arlt has announced that Paragon Pioneers 2 is launching soon on mobile and PC. Inspired by the Anno and Settlers games, Paragon Pioneers 2 is an idle city-building game in which you must build your empire. According to the developer, the game features several months’ worth of gameplay experiences. 

In Paragon Pioneers 2, you'll discover and conquer new islands using the game's intuitive combat system. You can then customize these islands to suit the needs of the citizens of your empire. Using Paragon Pioneers 2’s unique map generator, you can literally reshape each island to create the optimal layout. 

Paragon Pioneers 2 is a single-player offline game that doesn't include any ads. You'll create an elegant palace and become an influential leader of a medieval fantasy-themed world. In addition, the game features three regions, and each one provides its own challenges.

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The game features more than 300 buildings, which you can develop to expand your empire. Additionally, there are over 130 you can produce, many of which have intricate production chains. You can even just sit back and watch your citizens flit about the empire.

Arlt promises you’ll be able to experiment with various strategies even if you limit yourself to short play sessions. Your empire will continue to grow and flourish even when you are not playing the game. Paragon Pioneers 2 features more than 200 perks you can use to tailor your experience to fit your playstyle.

The original Paragon Pioneers currently boasts an average rating of 4.8 on Google Play and the App Store. Paragon Pioneers 2 will be available via the App Store, Google Play and Steam for $5.99 on March 11th. To learn more about the game, be sure to check out the Paragon Pioneers website. A free demo version of the game will launch alongside the game, so you can give it a try before you buy.

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Jack Brassell
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