Pako 3: A few tips to get you back on the road again

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Pako 3: A few tips to get you back on the road again

A little swerving never hurt anyone

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Pako 3 is the third instalment in the popular and humorous series where you complete different mini-games such as avoiding the police for as long as possible. There are tasks that you can do to help you earn more rewards and unlock new items like cars and levels.

Your driving adventures take place in different parking lots. Some are normal while others might be a bit more unique. The game features some solid physics and destructible items like other cars and trees, among other things.

Of course, however, the goal is to not crash. If your car gets bumped too many times or if you hit something enough, your car will be destroyed and it's game over. You don't need to make a snake though like in Pako Caravan. We're going to try and help keep your ride sparkly clean and without damage (well, maybe). Here are a few tips to get you going.

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Steering is Key

As we talked about, in Pako 3, you're driving around parking lots. And so, with that being the case, you'll be doing plenty of steering. So just getting yourself familiar with steering on your touch screen can really be essential to your success.

The big thing is getting used to the sensitivity of the controls. Knowing how fast your car will turn can is something that, once you get used to it, will turn you into a steering machine. Tap the screen for a quick turn or hold down on it for a second to get a nice, full turn.

Knowing when to let go of the screen is all about timing. Your car drives automatically as you probably know already so it's all about just steering. Once you get this down, it's all about just knowing the layout of the levels.

Grab Power-Ups

There's more to Pako 3 than just completing tasks by driving around. Throughout your gameplay, you'll encounter some nifty little items that can change the course of your round (for a short while anyway). You'll see some floating items around the area.

By driving into these items, you'll unlock certain abilities. Like in the cops level, there's one that freezes them for a short period. This gives you time to rack up a few extra seconds. Remember, the game is all about how long you survive.

Once you see them, you'll definitely be licking your chops. Things can be hilariously intense at times as you try to swerve your way to victory. So, utilizing these power-ups will make take some of that pressure off of you. They don't last, but remember; every second counts.

Choose Your Car Wisely

So the cars that you can choose can have an effect on your play. This is because they all have different attributes. The catch is that, well, they're all locked right now. However, getting a few stars will unlock some new ones that you can take for a spin.

So, the attributes include Speed, Health, and Handling. We know about speed and Health but Handling is basically about what we talked about earlier; steering and control. Which attribute you feel is most important is up to you.

Most cars are fairly balanced but some have more of an emphasis in one area than the other. Whichever rides you unlock early on, feel free to swap around and see which one suits your style. Oh, and you can customize the colors too. Lastly, you can get new cars via ads too, if you want to go that route.

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