Namco readying Pac-Man Remix for the iPhone

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Namco readying Pac-Man Remix for the iPhone
| Pac-Man REMIX

Over on the official Namco web page it's been revealed that the Japanese gaming giant is preparing to deliver another version of its 1980 arcade classic in Pac-Man Remix.

While it keeps to the essential maze-running, dot-munching coin-op action we know so well, Pac-Man Remix also delivers a vibrant, colourful graphical update.

Alongside the enhanced graphics are a host of new and exclusive features such as boss battles, stage specific gadgets and power up items.

Controls are often a sticking point on arcade adaptations for the iPhone, so three control systems have been built into Pac-Man Remix to try and tackle the problem: an on-screen D-pad, swiping gestures and accelerometer.

The game comes to us from a new division set up specifically at Namco to develop iPhone games (something a few studios appear to be doing), which is being fronted by former I-play producer Jonathan Kromrey.

Pac-Man Remix has just been submitted to Apple and is expected to land on the App Store at a mid-range price (probably around £3.49) any day now.

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