Onmyoji starts its latest event, Fateful Reunion, bringing in a boatload of free gacha rolls and a new character

Onmyoji starts its latest event, Fateful Reunion, bringing in a boatload of free gacha rolls and a new character
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Popular gacha RPG Onmyoji has begun its latest event, Fateful Reunion, which brings in an abundance of free handouts, new content, and some new characters as well. The biggest highlight of this event is, shockingly enough, not the new character, but actually the absurdly generous new banners that you can roll on which offer up plenty of chances at SP and SSR characters alike.

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I’ll be completely honest in admitting that I am not super familiar with how the gacha process works within Onmyoji, but from my understanding, this new banner will replace the regular summons found within the game with New Horizons and Vintage Classics versions, which each have different SP and SSR characters that you can actually pick from.

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But that’s just the start. Beyond picking the character, you then will get a guaranteed SSR or SP within 60 summons, and if you do get one before you hit that 60 mark, the count resets, which means you can and should spam your heart on this banner to get some non-chance SSR characters! It’s quite generous overall, and there are also some different currencies you can use on the banner to earn a random SSR or SP as well, so don’t miss out.

With the banner out of the way, the other big highlighted addition is the new character: the SP Shikigami Bondweaver Enmusubi. She’s a goddess who roams around with a tophat-wearing cat behind her, so that should be reason enough for you to grab her.

Those are the two big additions within Fateful Reunion, but there’s plenty more to it, so for a full rundown I’d recommend checking out the official patch notes and getting started on it by downloading Onmyoji for free at either of the links below!

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