One Punch Man: World release date and the rest we know so far

The release date and other details about One Punch Man: World.

One Punch Man: World release date and the rest we know so far

There's a story behind One Punch Man claiming that it started out as a joke, and I fully believe it. Seriously, the idea of a hero so powerful that no villain is even an inconvenience to him, to the point where he curses his own strength? Amazingly, we didn't come up with something like this before, considering all the OP comic book and video game heroes walking around acting all tragic. Still, One Punch Man has had a few footholds in the mountain that is the gaming market, and has gotten folks very excited about One Punch Man: World.

One Punch Man is an interesting series that is mainly about the characters and what they'll do to protect the various cities from monster and villain attacks. With One Punch Man: World rising on the horizon, it seems that the series will become more accessible to newcomers while presenting familiar sights to those more familiar with it. With the inclusion of "World" in the title, it's looking to be a big game - if not at least one that will take up a decent chunk of space on your respective mind. Even so, the game is still something of a mystery, but here's what we do know about it.


Combat in OPM World

According to the official website, it looks like One Punch Man: World will focus its release on three main platforms: iOS, Android, and PC. However, only the iOS and Android versions are fully confirmed, with the PC release carrying the tentative "Coming Soon" label. Either way, if you're looking to experience this game with the best quality, then you'd best invest in a top-of-the-line Android tablet or iPad. If you have hope and patience, then it'd be wise to wait for the time when you can run this game on your computer.


Fighting against huge elemental giant

One Punch Man has always been about having a huge varied cast of colourful and dynamic characters. Some of the confirmed names won't be surprising at all, while a couple may make you wonder why they're taking spots from much more popular heroes.

  • Saitama: You can't have a One Punch Man game without the One Punch Man himself. However, considering that Saitama's main gimmick is the fact that no villain can hurt him while he can take out entire armies with the flick of his risk, the game will need to place some restrictions on his abilities.
  • Genos: Known as the "Blond Cyborg", Genos is Saitama's protege. Given that he's a cyborg with incredible strength, speed, and an arsenal of heavy ordinance weapons, it's odd that he would need training at all. Still, he is heavily dependent on his machinery.
  • Speed-O'-Sound Sonic: The closest thing that Saitama has to a rival, Sonic is a ninja with a mastery of assassination arts and the ability to move at blinding speed. While he's no slush when it comes to combat, Sonic lacks physical strength when compared to other heroes.
  • Mumen Rider: AKA "Bicycle Man", Mumen is the embodiment of a true hero. Despite not having any superhuman abilities, he's willing to sacrifice everything to protect people even when the odds are very clearly stacked against him.
  • Puri-Puri Prisoner: An S-Class hero convicted due to actions committed against his fellow heroes, Prisoner is all about brute strength. Despite his size and power, he can also move fairly fast and with a large amount of grace when he chooses.
  • Atomic Samurai: Aside from having a cool name, Atomic Samurai is another S-Class hero with experience who follows the way of the warrior. Decked out in traditional samurai attire, Atomic takes a balanced approach when it comes to fighting, preferring to duel opponents one-on-one.
  • Golden Ball: A lesser-known hero, Golden Ball has shown his skill when fighting monsters in the street as a skilled ranged fighter. He earned his position in the A-Class by demonstrating his sharpshooting with a variety of projectiles, most notably his slingshot.
  • Lightning Max: One of the earliest super-powered heroes to appear in the series, Lightning Max continues to remain active in the A-Class. Even though he depends on the power generated from his special shoes, Max is a talented martial artist.


Saitama standing in front of a large monster

Seeing as the game is trying to sell the concept of a "World", the footage depicts many iconic scenes from the series. Most of the fights have taken place in one of the many city streets or within certain structures. The game will allow you to control your selected hero in a battle with one of the recognized villains including Mosquito Girl and Carnage Kabuto. The hero will be able to run around a designated area fighting the villain with their trademark style. When not engaged in combat, the hero will be able to roam around the various cities and locations to interact with other characters and find other tasks to complete.

In-Game Elements

Saitama standing with a big werewolf holding a claw above him

From the pre-register perks shown on the site, it appears that the game will also have elements of a Gacha game. You will need to have Energy to play missions, currency to buy items for your heroes, and draw tickets to get more chances at unlocking new heroes. Rather than controlling a team, you control one hero at a time and will have a roster to switch between them.

Release Date (?)

Water creature trying to punch Saitama in OPM World

As it currently stands, the game is scheduled for release on January 31st. Even though end-of-the-month release dates are sceptical at best, it's the best we've got for now. Clear up some space on your respective mobile device and prepare to mark time on your calendar so that you can travel to and explore One Punch Man: World. Of course, it's one of the many upcoming mobile games this year that we are eagerly anticipating.

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