Olympics Go! Paris 2024 is out now, just in time for the real thing!

Compete, build and win the gold

Olympics Go! Paris 2024 is out now, just in time for the real thing!
  • Olympics Go! Paris 2024 is out now!
  • Coming from developer nWay it's an innovative blend of city-builder and sports game
  • Compete in twelve minigames and build your own stadium and champion to rep your host city

With the upcoming Paris Summer Olympics this year, things are heating up! Not just figuratively but literally as we get into the summer months. But even so, around here in the UK, home of Pocket Gamer, things are a bit more dreary. Still, if we want some early summer fun we can always have a go at the newly-released Olympics Go! Paris 2024.

Offering an innovative blend of city-builder and sports game, Olympics Go! Paris naturally has more than twelve mini-games based on the various sports at the famous contest, including archery, skating and the newly included breaking (breakdancing).

Screenshot of city-building in Olympics Go!

Not only will you be able to compete in these iconic sports, but you'll also be able to build up the stadium and city around them in order to create the greatest Olympic host city ever. You'll be able to customise your own stadium and your champion, as you shoot for Olympic gold.

Screenshot of avatar customisation in Olympics Go! Interesting stuff

Whatever your thoughts on it, we think it is an interesting way to spice up the duller sports game formula by adding things like city customisation. Coming from nWay, we reckon that Olympics Go! Paris 2024 has the potential to pull in not just Olympics superfans but also those players who might prefer the customisation and city-building aspects too!

With the real Olympics mere weeks away, one way to satisfy your excitement is to have a go at Olympics Go! Paris 2024, is out now!

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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