Oh, My Word! it's Friday. And Oh, My Word!'s out on App Store too

Can you guess what it is yet?

Oh, My Word! it's Friday. And Oh, My Word!'s out on App Store too
| Oh, My Word!

Spelling used to be a boring thing you learnt by rote at school.

Now however it's a nice fluffy thing called core literacy, and we don't need no education anyway. We have spell check.

Hooking into the meme is Oh, My Word!, from Bristol-based developer Mobile Pie.

It's a word-based game in which you have to guess a hidden five-letter word by selecting various letters.

Think of it as a prettier and more interesting version of Hangman.

"It's one of those games which just feels right and we've strived to give a level of polish you don't normally see on word games. They're often created in isolation by hardcore puzzle fanatics and filled with gruesome programmer art," reckons Mobile Pie's Will Luton.

"Oh, My Word! is frustrating and joyous in equal measures. You'll probably want to bang your head against a brick wall, but when you crack a tough word it really makes it worth it."

You can find out more about what Mobile Pie is doing over at, or check out its forthcoming B-Boy Brawl: Breakin' Fingers.

Oh, My Word! is out, priced 99c, €0.79 or 59p. Hit the Buy It! button to go to the App Store.

There's also a free ad-funded version available [Link].