Nintendo will unveil its Switch successor sometime this year, but not at the upcoming Direct

Turns out that yes, the Switch 2 or whatever it turns out to be is real

Nintendo will unveil its Switch successor sometime this year, but not at the upcoming Direct
  • Nintendo won't reveal the Switch successor at an upcoming software showcase
  • However, a reveal or announcement should be coming this fiscal year
  • This could be anytime between now and March of 2025

So, after all this waiting it turns out that a Switch successor is indeed coming. Nintendo has announced that they will reveal their successor to what has been their flagship console since 2016 at some point during this fiscal year, according to Nintendo President Furukawa in a post on the company's official Twitter account. The Japanese fiscal year runs from April to March which leaves a rather large window from the rest of the year into early 2025.

While speculation has been rampant about a successor to the Switch, Nintendo has tacitly confirmed it in previous announcements. However, this is the first concrete confirmation that the upcoming console is real and that an announcement is inbound. As for when we can expect a full showcase, it may be sooner than we think.

An article from financial outlet Reuters earlier this year indicated market watchers thought a March 2025 launch was predicted. This means that a full showcase or announcement could come before the end of the year. However, Nintendo also confirmed that there wouldn't be any announcement made at the upcoming Nintendo Direct software showcase either.

Switching it up

We're covering this because, as you might imagine, we've covered handhelds in the past. But the Switch's pseudo-portable status has always made it a difficult one to cover. We're not sure whether Nintendo will double down on that and make this new successor something more like the DS/3DS, but we can expect (as is usual with Nintendo nowadays) some sort of unique selling point for this new console.

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