NinjAwesome - An awesome way to spend a few hours
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NinjAwesome doesn't really have anything to do with Ninjas. I mean, you're playing one, but there's no sneaky assassinations or smoke bombs here.

Instead it's an auto-running platformer, with a bunch of missions to complete, and an endless mode to plough your way through.

And all in all it's an awful lot of fun. Probably more fun than being an actual ninja. It's challenging, it looks great, and the controls work perfectly on a touchscreen.

Stabby jumpy

Those controls involve swipes and taps. Tap on the left of the screen to jump, tap again to double jump. Swipe down when you're in the air and you'll dash down and attack. Swipe and hold when you're on the floor and you'll perform a slide attack.

Tapping or holding the right of the screen fires your shurikens. You can upgrade your skills with coins that you collect during your adventures, giving you a longer burst for your attacks and more health.

You're given a bunch of challenges on a regular basis. These involve getting a certain distance, killing a set number of enemies, and collecting some scrolls, to name but a few. Completing these gives you chests.

Like in Clash Royale there's timers associated with these chests, and once you've got four in the bank you can't collect anymore. You can open chests instantly by spending ningems, which you're given pretty regularly.

The other mode is endless, and your only goal is to get as far as you can before you die. You collect way more coins here, but there's no chest reward. An XP bar fills up as you complete challenges, and gives you rewards when you level up.

Jumpy stabby

The nice thing about NinjAwesome is that there's always something to do. Even when you're waiting for your challenges to refresh you can jump into the endless mode to hone your skills and beef up your abilities.

And you'll want to, because sprinting through the pixel-y world is an awful lot of fun. It's not the most original game in the universe, but pretty much everything it does, it does right.

If you fancy tumbling through a world of monsters, spikes, and crumbling platforms, then this is one that's well worth checking out.

NinjAwesome - An awesome way to spend a few hours

A brilliant platformer that's fun to play and will get under your skin pretty quickly
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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