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Ninja Ducks vs. Pirate Pigs, a side-scrolling endless runner is out now on Android and iOS

Ninja Ducks vs. Pirate Pigs, a side-scrolling endless runner is out now on Android and iOS

Koko Digital, the indie developers who have helped create chart-topping apps for companies like Pokémon, Twitch, and RedBull have just announced their next venture – a mobile game with possibly the most amusing name I’ve ever seen. Called Ninja Ducks vs. Pirate Pigs, this game takes players on an adventure as they explore the rivalry between these two species which has been there since the dawn of time. Apparently.

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In Ninja Ducks vs. Pirate Pigs, players will take on the role of Krispy, a fearsome Ninja Duck warrior who embarks on a journey through the war-torn rooftops of the Ninja homeland. A determined warrior, he is ready to slice everything that comes his way so that he can reach the Pirate docks where he will take on the nefarious pigs. The ducks are known for their speed, cunningness, and accuracy, while the pigs boast of being rowdy and ruthless. Players will have their agility tested as they face off against hordes of enemies while parkouring through platforms and drops.

Describing their excitement regarding the game’s launch, Chris Steele, Co-Founder of Koko Digital, said: “We’re over the moon to see this game finally go live. Our studio is blessed to create games for some of the biggest brands, but we love the chance to release our own IP from time to time too. Fingers crossed this is the start of many more to come, including a Pirate Pigs version that should also be releasing in the coming weeks.”

There are 100 levels to complete, each with varying tasks such as reaching a certain distance, killing a particular number of enemies, using a specific weapon, and more. Players will be able to employ a tonne of weapons that involve lightning, fire, shurikens, and of course, Krispy’s trusted blade. Coins learnt along the way can be used to upgrade weapons and abilities, and also to skip levels altogether.

Dive into the action by downloading Ninja Ducks vs. Pirate Pigs by tapping on one of the links below.

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