NieR Reincarnation brings back its Final Fantasy 14 collaboration event, this time with a few new faces

NieR Reincarnation brings back its Final Fantasy 14 collaboration event, this time with a few new faces
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The Square Enix developed a mobile adaptation of one of its most popular JRPG series, NieR Reincarnation, has revealed its latest collaboration. This time, the gacha turn-based RPG is teaming up with one of Square’s other most successful releases; Final Fantasy XIV. The crossover is actually a rerun of a previous event and comes with the same limited characters and some new faces in the form of three new ones and a few new cosmetics.

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NiER Reincarnation has been a slow but steady success, remaining a quiet winner in the background of the gacha sphere. While you likely won’t hear about it in conversation with other industry titans, it has held a steady fanbase, mainly consisting of the already cult fanbase of the NiER series. From new story chapters to a ton of different crossovers, Reincarnation has held a ton of different events and is pretty steadily updated, so it’s nice to see another classic crossover come back again.

However, this re-run does include some new content which is fairly rare for a repeated event. While we do have the three returning characters to roll for, there are also three new faces in the form of the Black Mage Saryu, Red Mage Lars, and Samurai Yudil. All three of these are brand-new alternate versions of the in-game characters and will come equipped with unique skills and special kits to add to your team compositions.

Of course, as is the case with most in-game events, there are a bunch of different collectable rewards from event missions and the like. These rewards range from free premium currency to roll on the gacha banners to upgrade materials that will allow you to get your characters up to snuff for the latest harder content, so you won’t want to miss out.

If you’re looking to get your hands on these event-limited characters, you can download NieR Reincarnation for free at either of the links below!

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