Razer Nexus' latest update sees major improvements to game discovery, Virtual Controller Mode and the UI

Razer Nexus' latest update sees major improvements to game discovery, Virtual Controller Mode and the UI
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Razer has announced a free major update to its Razer Nexus software that looks to improve the launcher's user experience in several ways. The changes bring a massive upgrade to game discovery and the user interface for both iOS and Android. Meanwhile, Android gamers will also benefit from enhancements to Virtual Controller Mode and gaming performance. Let's dive into what each of these updates means for mobile gamers.

Major overhaul to game discovery

To help you find your next favourite game, Razer has upgraded Nexus to include optional preview videos so you can check out the action before diving in. It's great reading a description or scrolling through a few screenshots, but nothing gives you a better sense of what to expect than watching a gameplay trailer.

The categories have also benefited from an overhaul, allowing you to find the type of game you want to play quickly. Razer has spent time curating the list so that the games you're recommending are of a much higher quality than before. That's right, we're not talking about an automatically generated list here. Instead, you will find a host of titles absolutely worth your time and none of the mediocre to bad games that often clog up the App Store and Google Play.

Facelift for the user interface

While it might not sound all that exciting on paper, UI changes can make a huge difference to your experience. With the revamped interface, the Nexus launcher now benefits from a dynamic colour background or a hand-picked wallpaper from a specific game. It's a vast improvement to the current set-up, making for a more colourful and engaging game launcher.

Aside from looking prettier, the update also brings some added practicality to Razer Nexus. It introduces a Favourites row that allows you to pin the games you frequently play for quicker access. Additionally, the Nexus app will automatically launch when a Kishi V2 controller is connected, saving you a few extra taps, which is always appreciated.

Improvements to Virtual Controller Mode (Only for Android)

If you're unfamiliar, Virtual Controller Mode enables you to play touchscreen games using the Kishi V2 by mapping button inputs to on-screen controls. With this new update, Nexus 3.0 allows you to customise your control scheme with added flexibility by including options to invert the camera, adjust camera sensitivity, and use keymapping for the M1 and M2 buttons. Additionally, the team has integrated support for MOBAs.

Optimised gaming performance (Only for Android)

Finally, the 3.0 update for Nexus reduces power consumption for Kishi V2 controllers, allowing you to game for longer without reaching for your charger. On top of that, controller inputs are prevented if the device is asleep. There are also changes to the reliability of the app launch button alongside improved quality and reliability for any screenshots and videos captured.

It's free!

And, best of all, Razer Nexus remains free, meaning you can enjoy these features by simply downloading the software from the App Store and Google Play or updating your current version to the latest.

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