How the Razer Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed could improve your mobile gaming experience

How the Razer Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed could improve your mobile gaming experience
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We've previously discussed the importance of good audio quality when playing games. It enhances your immersion in whatever you might be playing alongside potentially providing clues about your opponent's next move in anything with a PvP focus.

With mobile, in particular, you want a good pair of headphones simply because phone speakers are rarely more than okay. Plus, having the volume dialled up on public transport isn't considerate to those around you. Nowadays, mostly everyone has embraced wireless technology when it comes to headphones. But, for gaming, that can be a problem because of one thing; latency.

If you're unfamiliar with audio latency, it's a delay between when the audio plays in the game and when you hear it. The result is what you're hearing might not perfectly match up with the action on-screen. Usually, it's only slightly off, but that can be enough to be detrimental to your performance, especially if you're playing a multiplayer game where hearing audio cues is vital to your success.

Low-latency gaming on the go

With the Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed, Razer plans to address this exact problem. It boasts a special Bluetooth Gaming Mode with 60 milliseconds of delay, which is a far more impressive offering than most gaming headphones on the market.

Using it, you will be more easily able to listen out for footsteps and audio cues from characters in MOBAs or bolster your singleplayer experience with good audio that matches your in-game actions. In audio-based games, like the unique Blind Drive, low latency is basically a requirement, so having lower audio latency will allow you to enjoy games like that to the fullest.

It's not limited to mobile

Like any good pair of headphones, the Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed will also work with PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck. These platforms benefit from even lower latency thanks to the Razer HyperSpeed Wireless USB-C Dongle. Through a 2.4GHz wireless connection, it delivers less than 40 milliseconds of delay, besting the already impressive 60 the Bluetooth Gaming Mode brings.

Good quality audio

Of course, low latency is impressive, but it means little if the audio quality isn't up to standard. Thankfully, Razer recognised this and has got THX Certification for these new buds. Not only that, the team insists that the Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed boasts low levels of distortion even when played at higher volumes, meaning you can truly dial into whatever you're listening to, whether that's music, a podcast, or your enemy's footsteps in a game.

Download the Razer Audio App for more functionality on mobile

Beyond that, the headphones feature a Do Not Disturb Mode, allowing you to block incoming calls and notifications for those moments when you need to concentrate. It also offers adjustable noise cancellation, meaning you can allow more exterior sound to filter in when you're out and about for safety while blocking out the world while gaming in the comfort of your home.

You can enjoy these features out of the box for console and PC, but to access them on mobile, you will need to download the Razer Audio App, which is available on the App Store and Google Play. Once installed, you can pair your Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed with the app to enable Do Not Disturb Mode, adjustable noise cancellation, and Bluetooth Gaming Mode.

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