Potential benefits of Razer Anzu Smart Glasses with mobile

Potential benefits of Razer Anzu Smart Glasses with mobile
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You may or may not be aware, but Razer has created its own smart glasses. They are called the Razer Anzu, and they provide a host of interesting features that may benefit your day to day, including when you're using your phone, for gaming or otherwise.

Blue light filtering

In recent years, you might have started hearing ‘blue light' more frequently, particularly if you run in circles where people spend a lot of time in front of a screen, whether that's a TV, computer monitor or even a mobile phone. But what is it exactly?

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum, which means you can see it, obviously. It is categorised as HEV, which stands for high-energy visible light. On the electromagnetic spectrum, it sits somewhere between UV light and visible light, meaning it can be harmful.

Too much exposure to blue light can make your eyes feel tired and even affect your sleep. You might have noticed that if you stay up late on your computer or lay in bed on your phone, it becomes harder to fall asleep. Blue light can also cause digital eye strain, an effect that makes it harder to focus on a screen after you've already been using it for too long. Some phones try to limit blue light exposure during the night. If you've ever seen your phone's screen turn a yellowish hue at around 10 pm, it's trying to limit the amount of blue light it emits.

But that's usually only later in the evening, while blue light can be detrimental throughout the day. In recent years, companies have started creating blue light filter lenses, which aim to reduce your exposure. The Razer Anzu Smart Glasses can filter 35% of blue light, which protects your eyes from strain and allows you to continue working or playing games with reduced negatives.

Low latency audio and built-in microphone

As a pair of smart glasses, the Razer Anzu does more than simply sit on your ears and protect you from blue light. It also boasts 60ms latency audio, so you can hear people without issue, whether that's in the middle of a game or during a work call.

Likewise, you can also make use of the microphone to chat with your friends and colleagues. Not everyone wants to wear headphones all day, so the Razer Anzu provides a stylish alternative that provides other potential benefits as well. Plus, it has the added benefit of making you feel like a secret agent.

Touch and voice control

We've all had a moment when we're on the verge of victory in an online game when a sudden important call threatens to interrupt the flow of action. You don't want to have to call your friend or boss back and explain that you couldn't answer because you were on the verge of reaching Platinum in League of Legends: Wild Rift. With the Razer Anzu, you can either use voice or touch controls to answer the call, leaving your hands free to win the match while you chat away. Just maybe tone down the expletives when one of your teammates feeds if you’re talking to your boss.

Five hours per charge

If you've been known to participate in long gaming sessions with your friends, the Razer Anzu can keep up with five hours of battery life per charge. This means you can keep talking to your friends and coordinating your efforts in whatever game you're playing whilst better protecting your eyes with the blue light filter lenses.

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Stephen Gregson-Wood
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