WWDC: Apple's 3G iPhone going on sale on 11 July

GPS, a $199 price point, and a choice of white or black

WWDC: Apple's 3G iPhone going on sale on 11 July

Apple has unveiled its 3G iPhone at its WWDC show, during a keynote by Steve Jobs.

Besides faster data speeds, it's also got built-in GPS, will come in a choice of 8GB and 16GB models, and will go on sale on July 11th for $199 / $299 respectively.

The new model has a claimed battery life of 300 hours on standby, five hours of talktime, up to six hours of web browsing, seven hours of video, or 24 hours' music playback. Heaven knows how long the battery will last when playing games though.

Besides 3G, the other big news was built-in GPS, with a focus on mapping and navigation applications. However, if it's available to games developers, we could see some really cool titles built around this feature.

The 3G iPhone is a bit slimmer than the previous model, and apparently has better audio quality. Otherwise it looks pretty much the same, although the 16GB model will come in a choice of black or white.

Rest assured, we'll bring you the UK price as soon as we have it. July will also see the launch of the iPhone App Store, including downloadable games.

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