We Rule, Eliminate creator ngmoco says business as usual

DeNA statement corrected

We Rule, Eliminate creator ngmoco says business as usual

Following the publication of this article, ngmoco Neil Young has contacted to say:

"ngmoco's first party development is bigger and better than ever, with a host of new titles shipping throughout the year on iOS and Android, phone and tablet."

According to the company's twitter account:

"There was a translation/transcription error in the Q&A you cited. We are definitely still making games for 2011 and beyond :)"

Our original article is below.

ngmoco, which was founded in the early days of the App Store by EA alumnus Neil Young and sold to Japanese company DeNA last year for $303m after innovating with freemium and social games like Eliminate and We Rule, won't be making any more social games for a while.

The revelation, as spotted by Pocket Gamer sister site, comes in DeNA's summary of the enthrallingly named, 'presentation of the operating results for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2010, held on April 28, 2011'.

DeNA reveals, "We are not forecasting such a large volume of revenue [from ngmoco], in part because ngmoco is concentrating its resources on preparations for the start-up of Mobage Global in (sic) has suspended the development of new social games."

In practice, this means that ngmoco won't be working on any social games for the time being while it works on the integration of DeNA's Mobage and ngmoco's Plus+ social platforms.

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