Valve's Steam Mobile app arrives on iOS and Android

Don't get excited just yet

Valve's Steam Mobile app arrives on iOS and Android

If you're a PC gamer, or just have a PC/Mac that plays the occasional game, chances are you've heard of, or have used, Valve's Steam distribution service before.

Originally foisted upon purchasers of Half-Life 2 back in the day (much to this gamer's annoyance), Steam has since grown into the largest and most influential of all the PC digital distribution stores.

Now Valve has come good with its hints about releasing a mobile version of its popular service by releasing Steam Mobile on the Android Market [download] and Apple App Store [download].

Hot air?

This is where I'd normally tell you about all the features, aided by my own hands-on with the app.

However, apparently the app is still in a closed beta stage, with only certain people currently able to get further than the login screen.

If you do try to log in without a golden ticket (or whatever it is that decides if you're a beta tester) you'll get a little message saying that Valve has "made a note of your account and will be sending out more invites shortly". That's nice.

In the absence of any firm information about the app, then (the description is all of three lines long), I'm going to presume it lets you raise your own unicorn, fight dragons, and learn kung-fu from a squirrel with a dark past.

Either that or it's basically like using the PC version but on a smaller screen and without the ability to play any games.

We'll no doubt discover which is closer to the truth when the app opens its doors to everyone later this year.