The Medium, Dragon Quest Builders 2, and more confirmed for Xbox Game Pass Cloud

The Medium, Dragon Quest Builders 2, and more confirmed for Xbox Game Pass Cloud

Xbox has detailed the next batch of games coming to Xbox Game Pass throughout the first half of July. These games will be available on your mobile phone by streaming them via the xCloud feature that comes with Game Pass Ultimate.

Starting on Thursday, 8th July, Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Tropico 6 will be available to play via the Cloud. One’s a block-building RPG, the other is a dictator management game, but both fuel your creative spirit.

A week later on 15th July, Bloodroots, Farming Simulator 19 and The Medium will be available to play on Xbox Game Pass Cloud.

It’s a fairly good first half to the month if you enjoy sandbox-type games, as Farming Sim, Dragon Quest Builders and Tropico will surely deliver interesting open-ended experiences. As for Bloodroots and The Medium, your mileage may vary as they go for more experimental presentations but are generally not a bad idea to check out on Xbox Game Pass.

Console users of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will also get UFC 4 as part of the bundled EA Play privileges on 8th July.

In case you missed it, Xbox also recently expanded Game Pass to iOS devices, allowing more players to access the games on the service. There are also a new wave of mobile accessories allowing you to play them comfortably on Apple phones.

You can read more about the upcoming Xbox Game Pass additions and other things in the works for Xbox on the official blog post here.

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Olly Smith
Olly Smith
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