The Darkside Detective, Moonlighter, and more come to Stadia Pro in July

Rainbow Six Siege is also now available on the Stadia Store

The Darkside Detective, Moonlighter, and more come to Stadia Pro in July

Google Stadia has outlined the new games that are coming to its Stadia Pro service in July. If you have an active Stadia Pro subscription, you’ll be able to redeem a few new games as of tomorrow.

This announcement came via the Stadia Community blog, which revealed that The Darkside Detective, Moonlighter, Terraria and Street Power Football would be landing on Stadia Pro on 1st July.

These games will be available to redeem throughout the month of July. While they can only be grabbed during this month, having them added to your account will keep them there permanently while you have an active Stadia Pro subscription.

Meanwhile, the Stadia Store has also launched Rainbow Six Siege. It’s a fast-paced first person shooter from Ubisoft providing intense 5v5 action. The games are squad-based and have various operators to choose from with their own weapons and skillsets.

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Rainbow Six Siege on Stadia has cross-play and cross-progression with PC and Luna, meaning you can pick up your progress across all three platforms if you happen to play on more than one device.

This release on Stadia also coincides with the latest season, called North Star, which adds the new Thunderbird Operator who can deploy the Ko?na Station, a point of safety for injured and downed Operators to heal or receive a revive.

Don’t forget that Rainbow Six Siege’s new co-op spin-off, Rainbow Six Extraction, launches in September on Stadia at the same time as other platforms. That game also supports cross-play and cross-progression.

Google Stadia is the gaming service that allows you to play video games on any supported device, including mobile phones, using cloud gaming technology to stream the games directly to you with low hardware requirements. You can read more about that on the official website here.

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