Playfish may bring Facebook games to iPhone

$17m investment may spur Android / handheld expansion too

Playfish may bring Facebook games to iPhone

Social games firm Playfish may bring its popular Facebook games to iPhone, Android and even handheld games consoles.

The company has just raised $17 million of new funding to fuel its expansion onto new platforms, including other web-based social networks, but also mobile and handheld.

"A bunch of platforms have been rolled out or are being rolled out that are effectively connected internet devices with gaming capabilities," says CEO Kristian Segerstrale.

"That includes high-end mobile phones like iPhone and Android, but handheld consoles are moving that way too, as well as Xbox Live and PS3."

iPhone would seem to be the most logical choice for games like Who Has The Biggest Brain?, Bowling Buddies, Word Challenge and Pet Society - all sitting inside the Top 10 Facebook games chart.

How to make money out of them is the big question for Playfish, especially as Apple isn't currently allowing games where players pay to download additional content.

"It's early days," says Segerstrale. "We've been encouraged by the consumer numbers and acceptance of gaming on the iPhone, and that's a sign of what may be possible if the rules are relaxed in future."

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