Peripheral manufacturers respond to iPhone battery life issues

In-line battery extenders and solar power could save your games

Peripheral manufacturers respond to iPhone battery life issues

Promises were made about improved battery performance in the iPhone and iPod touch, but as most early adopters will now be acutely aware, there's a distinct power shortage when it comes to Apple's new baby.

In truth, we ask a lot of modern electronics, and the iPhone's doing a lot of work even without videos playing, YouTube running and games constantly blazing on the beautiful bright screen. But one way or another, you're going to have to take responsibility for your own juice supply when out and about with the iPhone.

In response to this quick drain problem, accessory manufacturer iPhoneck is developing a 1400mAh lithium-ion battery that attaches directly to the iPhone 3G's dock port (pictured). It will always drain before the internal battery does, so when it runs out of power, the iPhone should still have a fully charged battery.

For those interested in carrying a back-up battery, the solar powered
Freeloader battery (not shown) is also worth a mention. Although not quite as powerful as the iPhoneck, the addition of solar panels to top up the battery and an iPod dock adaptor included in the box makes it a tempting accessory for the avid iPhone user.

The power, it would seem, is in your hands.