No price yet for 3G iPhone in the UK

But O2 and Carphone Warhouse are in the frame

No price yet for 3G iPhone in the UK

Well, that was well-prepared. No sooner had Steve Jobs waggled the new 3G iPhone on-stage in California, than Apple's UK site had a dedicated page giving all its specs.

You can get more info on the various new features there. It's got a page on the Apple UK online store too, although you can't place an order, what with the release date being July 11th.

Sadly, there's no confirmation on either page of the UK price for the handset, which will retail for $199 in the US. Don't expect a straight dollar-to-pound conversion, sadly – that'd be a bargain £100.

However, there is a hint that it'll be business as usual in terms of retail partners, since when you click through from the 3G iPhone page to find out where to buy it, there are links to O2 and Carphone Warehouse.

At the time of writing (8.22pm UK time) Apple hasn't sent out a press release here confirming a UK price, and O2 hasn't commented on its plans. When they do, we'll be sure to bring you the news.

In the meantime, check our story on the 3G iPhone unveiling, and the earlier App Store and games announcements.