No games for iPhone? There's loads!

And Apple has handily catalogued them in one place

No games for iPhone? There's loads!

You'll have no more comments from us along the lines of "there aren't any iPhone games".

True, Apple hasn't yet started selling native iPhone games that you buy on iTunes and sync onto the iPhone itself. But there's already dozens of web games that have been customised for iPhone (or, indeed, developed specifically for it), which can then be played via the unit's Safari browser.

What's more, Apple is encouraging developers by launching its own web apps directory, including a dedicated games section. It currently lists 132 games, with links for all of them.

It's already a varied collection, even once you take out the many sudoku titles. While the bias is towards simple puzzlers, there's also a few Tetris clones, some virtual pet games, a motion-controlled tilting game, and even a platformer.

Even better news (for us) is that we now have an iPhone, with the aim of covering the format's emerging games market. Rest assured, we'll report the activities of Apple and its publisher partners as and when they launch, but in the meantime we'll be checking out some of the best web-based iPhone games.

So, stand by for reviews and news on that front. And if you're a developer who's launched a Safari-based iPhone game, do tell us about it by emailing [email protected]