New service protects kids from 'illicit content' on handheld devices

Make sure little Johnny doesn't see something he shouldn't with Censorit

New service protects kids from 'illicit content' on handheld devices
iPhone + DS + PSP ...

UK-based company Censorit has today wheeled out a service designed specifically to tackle the problem of kids browsing inappropriate websites using internet-enabled consoles, phones and media players.

According to Censorit, these devices are the most likely to be unprotected in the household today as they're often in a child's bedroom. It says that out of the box, handheld gaming devices fail to protect children from pornographic, violent or otherwise damaging content online, allowing completely unfiltered content.

For �4 a month, the service offers content filtering, providing a pre-loaded blacklist of sites that parents can later add to. This apparently prevents access to sites where the URL address isn't representative of the content within the site.

It will work with PSP, DS, iPod touch, wi-fi enabled mobile phones and any other device on which web proxy configuration is available.

Of course, parents could just read the instruction manual that comes with the PSP and DS web browser, learn how to turn on the parental controls and save themselves the �4.

Some mobile providers also offer some form of parental locks - you can check them out on their websites. Censorit would probably argue its service is more secure and easier to use however, and - as we haven't tested it out - it may well be right.

If you're interested in locking all the badness of the interweb out of your mobile devices, you can find out about the service at Censorit's website.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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