Let's Rock: Apple unveils new iPod Touch

Plus new iPod nano

Let's Rock: Apple unveils new iPod Touch

Music, rather than games was the focus at Apple's 'Let's Rock' event tonight. However, that doesn't mean there isn't some Pocket Gamer news to serve up.

For starters, Steve Jobs unveiled a new iPod touch. It has the same screen as before, but is thinner, with a slinky stainless-steel design.

The device now has volume buttons on its side and a built-in speaker (good for freaking out fellow commuters on the train with squishy Spore Origins noises).

The new touch also has the Nike+ tech built in, for fitness buffs, although they'll need to buy a separate transmitter to attach to their trainers.

The device also has Apple's new Genius music recommendation technology, which can make you playlists on the fly and suggest stuff you might like on the iTunes Store.

Not a revolutionary update, then. But if you've been holding off on buying an iPod touch due to rumours of this new model, well, it'll soon be time to get your wallet out.

Oh, and there was a new iPod nano, too, with a bigger screen, a curvier design, and an accelerometer, although that'll be used for music features rather than gaming.

Billed as the "slimmest iPod ever", it features the same Genius technology, and a battery life of 24 hours for music or four hours for video (and presumably somewhere in between for gaming). It'll be available in 8GB and 16GB models imminently.