iPhone launch hysteria in the US

Consumerist fun, but no games yet

iPhone launch hysteria in the US

Where were you at 6pm, New York Time, on the 29th June, 2007? If you're reading this rather than cradling a $499 cell phone in one hand and pointing a shotgun at the door with the other, then when your kids ask, you'll almost certainly have to reply, "I wasn't buying an iPhone."

But plenty were, when the iPhone's US launch kicked off the biggest high-tech jamboree since the glory days of Nintendo's games consoles. Only this time it was grown-ups (probably those Nintendo kids, now grown up, in fact) who were the frenzied buyers.

We love shiny new mobile phones here at Pocket Gamer, but we love games more, and the bad news is there's precious little to report on that front. (You can check out what we do know about the Apple gadget's potential in Stuart Dredge's special iPhone games report from earlier this week).

Our sister site Pocket Picks has been tracking all the other iPhone news, however. Here are some of the highlights:

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