Introducing, a brand new website to help you find your next favourite mobile game

Introducing, a brand new website to help you find your next favourite mobile game

Hello! We have something exciting to share with you all. Today, in collaboration with domain specialists Radix, we're launching, a brand new website dedicated to helping you find your next favourite game in minutes, allowing you to get to the fun quicker.

That means you can expect to be light in terms of articles. Instead, the goal is to create easily digestible 'Hot Picks' lists with recommendations of the very best games. They will cover everything from specific genres to themes to award-winning titles. So whether you're a competitive FPS lover or prefer to kick back and put your puzzle-solving skills to the test, we have you covered.

By clicking on a game, you'll also find a short video trailer for each game, providing a taste of what to expect before hitting that download button. Think of it as the Pocket Gamer Netflix menu for mobile gaming. And then, if you're in the mood for a spot reading, you will find any articles related to that particular game we've written here on Pocket Gamer.

Hot Picks sounds great, but is there anything else?

Alongside our Hot Picks, we also have a general top games list. Here, you will find a list of curated games from various genres. It's perfect for anyone happy to try anything so long as it's good quality.

And, finally, we will also have a Game of the Week pick every, well, week. This will be something we've found ourselves unable to put down and felt it deserved a special shout-out and spotlight firmly on it.

Why .Fun?

As mentioned, we've created the site in collaboration with domain specialists Radix, who are the folks behind the new .fun domain we're using. It's been designed with the games industry in mind, helping players get to the entertainment part much sooner.

We have big plans for the site, and we're taking the first step today with its launch. So please bookmark it, pin it, or however you prefer to track your favourite websites.

Stephen Gregson-Wood
Stephen Gregson-Wood
Stephen brings both a love of games and a very formal-sounding journalism qualification to the Pocket Gamer team.