If you bought an iPhone 3G S, can you play your old games?

One-word answer...

If you bought an iPhone 3G S, can you play your old games?


Yes you can. Before we picked up our iPhone 3G S today, there was one sneaking worry burrowing its way through our brain: what would happen to our existing collection of games bought for our old iPhone 3G?

Would we have to re-buy them? If not, would they sync onto the 3G S without problems? And what about our saved games?

In order, the answers are No, Yes, and Oh bugger.

On syncing our 3G S for the first time, all our apps transferred over without a problem. We've since fired up Peggle, Star Defense, Real Racing, The Sims 3 and Flight Control, and all worked fine. And the speed boost in terms of loading times is noticeable.

Now, the downside is that our saved games didn't make the transition, so it's back to board one in Peggle, a new Sim in The Sims 3, and we are weeping hot, salty tears of woe at losing our Premiership-conquering Norwich City squad in Manage Your Football Club.

None of this is a surprise, of course. We're just pleased we didn't have to buy them all again. Anyway, if you were harbouring fears like ours, you can cast them away now.