Gameloft cuts prices of iPhone games

Casual thrills now even cheaper

Gameloft cuts prices of iPhone games

Gameloft has cut the prices of three of its iPhone games. Platinum Sudoku, Platinum Solitaire and Diamond Twister now cost £2.99 each, rather than the £4.99 they were going for when the App Store launched.

That's quick work, and in the first two cases at least, likely a response to the flood of cheap solitaire and sudoku games on the App Store.

However, it's also an early sign of how publishers have more control over how their iPhone games are priced than they've traditionally had on mobile operator portals.

The crazy thing is that now, you can buy the 31.5MB iPhone version of Platinum Solitaire for £2.99, while several mobile operators are still selling the 200KB Java version for £5!

That's not crazy from Gameloft's perspective, mind: the publisher has made no secret of its view that mobile games should be more flexibly priced, and if hundreds of thousands of iPhone owners think £2.99 is worth a pop, its speedy reactions will make it quids-in.

Check this article on for more early App Store trends. Want to take advantage of those new Gameloft prices? Click here to buy Platinum Sudoku, here for Platinum Solitaire, and here for Diamond Twister.