GAME OF THE DAY - Holedown is a premium take on a casual genre

And it's awesome

GAME OF THE DAY - Holedown is a premium take on a casual genre

Our game of the day feature is us making sure that you're playing only the finest mobile games the various app stores has to offer. It's our way of giving back to you, our lovely readers. These aren't games selected for commercial reasons - they're among the best examples of their genre for mobile.

We've stuck some download links down at the bottom of the article to make sure that you're only a couple of clicks away from downloading a brand new gaming experience. And we'd love to hear from you if you've played today's selection before. Today's selection, by the way, is the amazing Holedown from Grapefrukt. If you've got your own suggestions for a game of the day, let us know about those as well.

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In a world of free to play block breakers, Holedown is a premium slice of excitement. Not only is it much better than all of the ad-and-IAP supported games that look a bit like it, it's better than most of the other arcade puzzle games you're going to find out there.

There are plenty of twists here - from rounded corners on the blocks, to pieces that stay in place even if you smash everything around them. Throw in a cheeky sense of humour and a compulsion loop that's tight and elegant, and you're left with something pretty special.

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When we reviewed the game our reviewer said "Holedown is a sweet and satisfying game of shattering blocks. It's like a casual game for grown-ups and people with attention spans, and I'd definitely suggest you go and check it out." The game got a Silver Award, and if you click here you can read our review in its entirety.

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