GAME OF THE DAY - Grimvalor is a gloomy hack and slash that's out now for iOS and Android

In beta for Android

GAME OF THE DAY - Grimvalor is a gloomy hack and slash that's out now for iOS and Android

Every day here at Pocket Gamer we like to tell you about a brilliant mobile game that we think you should be playing. It might be something we think you've missed, it might be a classic that needs a bit of love, or it might just be a game we scrolled to on the massive list of iOS games we've purchased and thought 'ooh yeah that's awesome'.

This time round we've picked a game that's in the news as well - and that news is that Grimvalor is out in open beta for Android. And since that means that more people can play it now, we thought it was well worth mentioning. Make sure you click here and bookmark our game of the day hub so that you're always the first to know what our daily recommendation is.


The game is a side-on hack and slash adventure that owes more than a little to Dark Souls. It's gloomy and gory, and there are fights here that are going to test your timing and reactions to the limit. At the same time, though, Grimvalor works brilliantly on mobile, distilling the action to just a few buttons.

There's a good deal of Metroidvania here as well - the game's world is enormous, and you'll need to traverse it multiple times to unlock new doors, find new skills, and progress the story. It never feels like a chore though, and the challenge level is going to keep even the most seasoned players interested.

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When we reviewed the game we said "difficult games need to give you a slice of hope, they need to ensure that for every humiliating defeat, there's a chance you can dust yourself off and come back victorious. And Grimvalor gets that pretty much spot on." Overall the game received a Silver Award, and you can read our Grimvalor review in its entirety right here.

Have you played Grimvalor before? Or maybe you're super excited to see it coming out for Android? Heck, maybe you think it's a bad choice and we should have picked something else. Whatever the case, make sure you let us know in the comments section below.

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