DS sets sales record for November

1.7 million units left the US shelves last month

DS sets sales record for November

Nintendo is riding high at the moment, after the DS became the UK's biggest selling games console of all time by topping out the PS2 with 10.05 million units sold.

It's been an undeniably good Christmas for the Japanese giant already, but the new record the company has announced still feels a little forced. Apparently the DS just sold the highest number of (handheld) game systems (in the month of November) in the US than ever before.

Shifting 1.7 million consoles in a month is pretty impressive, but records that come with several qualifiers are always a little hard to digest.

November is the traditionally the big selling month, however, and Nintendo has come out on top, as it has for quite some time. Oddly, according to NPD figures, most platforms have shifted more units this November than the same time last year, but total sales revenue is still down 13 per cent, year-on-year.

So it seems the continued hardware price cuts are getting the flow of hardware running again, but the video game companies are going to have to get their game on if they want to bring in the money.