Brand new iPhone games need testers

Crowdsourcing comes to iPhone development

Brand new iPhone games need testers

You might think we lead a pretty splendid existence working for a publication like Pocket Gamer, getting games for free, playing them all day, then waxing impudent about them.

And you’d be about right. It rocks.

Well, there’s a new system being put in place to bring iPhone beta testing into the crowdsourcing scheme. Over at you can sign up and enter a profile as either a games tester or a developer (or both), and the system puts you in touch with the other.

It allows you to receive beta code for games and provide feedback and bug fixing data for the developer before the games go to Apple for approval.

It’s still early days, but apparently there’s even the possibility of payment, and one or two of the games on there do currently promise a promo code for the finished game for your help (only useful for American testers at the moment, of course).

But the real reward would be taking part in the development process, naturally.

iBetaTest also allows the developer to provide feedback on the efficiency and professionalism of the tester, so a good and fair tester can find himself becoming a sought after commodity, while game spongers will struggle to get much work.

If it takes off, this could really help cut down on the influx of updates new apps seem to suffer from, and could also be a great way to learn a little more about the development cycle.

And, yes, get some free games before everyone else.

Spanner Spencer
Spanner Spencer
Yes. Spanner's his real name, and he's already heard that joke you just thought of. Although Spanner's not very good, he's quite fast, and that seems to be enough to keep him in a regular supply of free games and away from the depressing world of real work.