BlueStacks's Android-powered GamePop unconsole will be able to run iOS games

Well, i(OS) never

BlueStacks's Android-powered GamePop unconsole will be able to run iOS games

How do you make an Android-powered "unconsole" immediately stand out from the pack?

Simple - you announce that it will be be able to run iOS games, too.

Yup, you read that right.

As reported by our good friends over at, BlueStacks's forthcoming GamePop set-top box will run iOS games. How? Well, it's all thanks to a piece of virtualisation software the firm dubs "Looking Glass".

Before you ask, BlueStacks has plenty of experience in this field. After all, the Silicon Valley-based company made its name with the BlueStacks App player. This enables users to play Android apps on Windows and Mac.

Subatomic Studios, the developer behind the Fieldrunners series, has already signed on to be the featured iOS partner on GamePop.

Oh, and judging by the aboveposted artwork BlueStacks is using to promote the service, Clash of Clans looks like it's going to be playable on the GamePop, too.

Of course, Apple is probably going to try and put a stop to this rather sharpish. And speaking of The Big A, it doesn't appear as though BlueStacks has actually approached Tim Cook & co. about this virtualisation software.

Ah, well, Tim's presumably pretty busy with last-minute prep for WWDC 2013. He probably won't notice.

As for the GamePop hardware itself, BlueStacks anticipates the Android-powered console will be available in the winter. It's available for pre-order now, mind.

Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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