And the rest... Tomba! on Vita, Calculator Quest, Scribblenauts Remix update

The best of the rest of the news

And the rest... Tomba! on Vita, Calculator Quest, Scribblenauts Remix update
iOS + Android + 3DS ...

The big news story of the day has undoubtedly been the launch of PlayStation Mobile - Sony's indie game shop for PS Vita and Android. We've gone hands-on with a number of the games, and already found some firm favourites.

We've also published a piece on the usual spate of new mid-week iOS releases (including the hotly anticipated sequel to GTA-style iOS romp Payback), and we're looking forward to Supermono's million-level-strong Rescue Rush.

The following stories, however, didn't quite make the front page. They're the best of the rest, if you will...

New releases

PSone cult classic Tomba! will be available to download on PSP and PS Vita in Europe later today. This fan favourite, from Ghosts'n Goblins mastermind Tokuro Fujiwara, contains platforming challenges and loads of side-quests. It will cost £3.19.

Calculator Quest, from Skipmore and Urara-Works, is a lovely little thing. On the one hand, it's a traditional calculator (with cutesy RPG visuals). On the other, it's a portal to two quirky mini-games. In the best of the pair, Mental Math Kingdom, you solve simple equations to beat RPG enemies. Free on iOS and Android.

On the horizon

Kemco has told Pocket Gamer that it will release an English-language version of the RPG Knight of the Earthends on Android very soon. From the trailer, which you can watch here, we can discern that it's a traditional role-playing game with pixel-art visuals and turn-based brawls.

Nintendo has scheduled another one of its info-blast Nintendo Direct presentations. From 7pm BST on October 4th, Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata will be taking a closer look at some forthcoming Nintendo 3DS games. Pocket Gamer will have all the details, obviously.

Big updates


Scribblenauts Remix - the iOS game where you can spawn any object just by typing out its name - has received a Halloween-themed pack in its latest update. There's a spooky playground, a paid-for monsters avatar pack, and a playable arcade machine. Get it here.

You'll soon be able to download Director's Cut DLC for quirky Vita puzzler Escape Plan. It's got 21 levels, "filled with the most devious and evil tricks that Bakuki ever conceived". There are also more costumes and direct controls. The pack will cost £3.99 / €4.99 when it goes live on the PlayStation Store today.


Over in the US, Nintendo superfans can net themselves a free copy of NES classic Donkey Kong if they go digital. Download a 3DS game like Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask or Paper Mario: Sticker Star from the eShop, and you'll get a code for 'Kong from Club Nintendo. Details here.

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Mark Brown
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