Fantastic Baseball gets beastly with new Monstrous Season update

Wemade's card battler gets an upgrade

Fantastic Baseball gets beastly with new Monstrous Season update
  • Fantastic Baseball, Wemade's new baseball game, is getting a fresh update
  • Things get beastly with new Monster Cards and over 40 new players
  • There's also additional seasonal events, log-in rewards and more

Fantastic Baseball, Wemade's surreal baseball simulator, is getting a beastly new update with their Monster Season cards. The update will add 40 active players from MLB, KBO, and CPBL. Additionally, it'll introduce two new additional victory conditions in Fantastic Baseball's Challenge Mode with ninth-inning comeback victories and defending team wins.

While looking at it you may struggle to see what's surreal about Fantastic Baseball, for those invested in the sport it's pretty obvious. Fantastic Baseball doesn't just focus on a single league or organisation, but instead draws players from multiple leagues and allows you to create your own personal dream team with combinations that are unlikely if not outright impossible in real life.

The update also comes with new seven-day log-in rewards, the Single Play Hot Time Event where players can accrue points to trade in at the other Roulette and the Points Race events.

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Fantasy sports games aren't unusual. After all, we all know of fantasy football and the simulationist aspects that inspired video games that let sports fanatics build the team of their dreams. We're not sure whether or not a pseudo-gacha title that lets you collect cards will grab those kinds of superfans however, but it looks as if Wemade are intent on building out a pretty beefy roster of famous players from across a huge variety of leagues.

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