$1.24 the average price for iPhone games

Jobs a good ‘un.

$1.24 the average price for iPhone games

According to analysis from, the average price for an iPhone game is currently $1.24, while non-game apps average at $2.90.

Another interesting statistic is that the average number of iPhone apps available reached 250,000 over the weekend.

Around 50,000 apps have also been removed from the App Store, bringing the total number of releases closer to 300,000 since the platform’s launch in July 2008.

Books is currently the category with the most apps
available, with nearly 44,000 active apps, closely followed by Games, with 36,600. Entertainment and Education are the next most popular, with 28,800 and 19,600 apps online respectively.

Reaching the quarter million mark is something that CEO Steve Jobs should be announcing with pride at Apple’s autumn press event tomorrow.

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