Taito’s New Bust-A-Move hits iPhone on Friday

Bubble Bobble Double to go on sale to celebrate

Taito’s New Bust-A-Move hits iPhone on Friday
| New Bust-A-Move

Taito will be bringing New Bust-A-Move, an updated version of the famous match-three puzzle game, to iPhone and iPod touch this Friday.

Bust-A-Move, a.k.a. Puzzle Bobble, is a bubble-popping puzzle game featuring a pair of cute dragons (Bub and Bob) firing coloured spheres into the air, hoping to match up a string of same-coloured blobs.

Since its 1994 arcade release, it’s been available on almost every platform, from Nokia N-Gage to Xbox Live. A cutesy, colourful edition of the game came out on iPhone and iPod touch in 2009.

So what’s so 'New' about this upcoming app? Well, there’s a new strategic Jump Shot bubble-launching mode that lets you bounce your bubbles over obstacles in the way. There are also boss battles, stages with new rules, Bomb Bubbles, and a Hold Box to save your best spheres for later.

The app comes with original "classic-style” stages, as well as the new modes, tricks, and gimmicks in this fresh take on the franchise. The game also features Game Center for achievements and global leaderboards.

New Bust-A-Move will hit iPhone and iPod touch on February 4th, and will cost £2.99 / $4.99 / €3.99.

To celebrate the new release, Bub and Bob’s other adventure, Bubble Bobble Double, will go on sale on the same day. Until Feburary 14th, it will cost £1.79 / $2.99 / €2.39.