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Mythic Legends interview: discussing the ideas and innovations behind Outfit7’s upcoming strategy RPG

Mythic Legends interview: discussing the ideas and innovations behind Outfit7’s upcoming strategy RPG

As the eagerly anticipated Mythic Legends nears its global release this month, we’ve taken the opportunity to chat with some of Outfit7’s senior marketing personnel for a series of interviews about its upcoming, auto chess, strategy RPG, and learn why it looks set to be among 2022’s best mobile releases.

To kick things off, we spoke with Senior Product Marketing Strategist, Bor Kolaric, who discussed some of the ideas behind Mythic Legend’s development, and the innovations it looks set to bring to mobile strategy gaming.

First off, could you introduce the game to our readers who haven’t discovered it yet?

Certainly. Our latest game – published by Hyper Dot and owned by Outfit7 – is a mobile strategy RPG called Mythic Legends. Players start out by picking a Legend and a Champion, and then taking to the Battle Board to fight. As you get deeper into the game, you’ll be able to boost your characters, upgrade them, build bigger armies, and develop epic strategies to secure victory. It’s been built around action-packed multiplayer battles, constant progression, lots of rewards, and incredibly powerful heroes. Ultimately, you play to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a Mythic Legend yourself!

How would you say Mythic Legends differs from other auto chess strategy games on the app stores?

To be honest, I don’t think I can think of another game that’s similar to Mythic Legends, but that’s the point! Auto chess games have some similarities in terms of core mechanics, but the meta in Mythic Legends and the way the tournaments are played are entirely unique to the game. Ultimately, we were inspired by some of our favourite elements in RPGs, strategy games, mobile RTS, auto chess – and we used this to create something entirely new.

What was the most exciting aspect of working on Mythic Legends?

One of the most exciting things we found while developing the game was the opportunity to bring so many elements together, and reimagine such an awesome genre with a fresh approach. Mythic Legends is doing things no other game is doing, and I think gamers are going to love it, whether or not they're already fans of strategy RPGs.

Auto chess battlers are quite niche. How did you go about ensuring Mythic Legends would have universal appeal?

We spent a lot of time working on the first-time user experience. We paid a lot of attention to how we would pull people into the game and train them gradually to lead their armies. Our focus was to create a game that lived by the ‘simple to learn, but hard to master’ philosophy. It's the same logic we applied to the progression meta. In the early game, you’re faced with a few core strategic decisions which develop and become far more complex, giving players a constantly developing game experience. During this, you’re continually unlocking more content and rewards each time you play. There’s always something new to unlock, upgrade and battle. With this approach, we’re sure this will appeal to a wide range of players.

What innovations do you feel it brings to RTS mobile gaming?

One of the key innovations of the game relates to session time, which is naturally shorter on mobile. Playing on your phone, games are best as a shorter, snackable experience that respects your time and how you engage with it. For example, you wouldn’t want to start a three hour film on a 20 minute bus ride, so we need to understand how players are engaging with games on the go, while also ensuring they don’t miss out on great content. We wanted to deliver all the excitement and challenge of core games, but in a way that you could easily and casually play on mobile. So instead of having to commit to multiple hours of gameplay to hit major milestones or play competitively, with Mythic Legends you can jump in and out whenever you want without ever losing your progress.