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Mythic Legends adds new Guild feature and Orcs deck in its latest update

Mythic Legends adds new Guild feature and Orcs deck in its latest update
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Outfit7 and Hyper Dot Studios have announced an exciting new update for Mythic Legends to celebrate the strategy RPG's one-year anniversary. Players can now join Guilds to boost their gameplay and powerful Orc warriors have been welcomed into the fray as well.

Guilds let players team up and score bountiful rewards when taking on challenges together. The “General” of the Guild will lead the charge as members take up a variety of responsibilities to ensure victory against others in the arena.

Ruled over by the Legend Ghokan, the Orcs are a new Origin that can add a fresh layer of strategy to players' decks of Champions. For instance, the Orc Sorcerer boasts mind control abilities, while the Orc Knight can provoke ranged foes. All these and more can be recruited via the Token Shop.

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“Mythic Legends is a fast-paced, dynamic game that’s constantly evolving,” says Xinyu Qian, CEO of Outfit7. “And with the introduction of Guilds and Orcs, we’re opening up whole new worlds of strategic possibilities. Players can now unleash even more powerful Champions, potentially turning the tide of their battles, and connect with other fans to form alliances and lasting bonds in the game.”

Additionally, 2,000 gold and 500 gems are up for grabs for anyone who uses the promo code “GUILDS15”, so there's no better time to join the fight in Mythic Legends! You can download the game from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store today.

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