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Outfit7’s 10 winning tips for epic strategy RPG Mythic Legends

| Mythic Legends
Outfit7’s 10 winning tips for epic strategy RPG Mythic Legends

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Developed by Outfit7 and published by Hyper Dot Studios in May of last year, Mythic Legends is the action-packed strategy RPG that invites players to duke it out in exhilarating, fast-paced arena battles. Its blend of auto battling and RPG-style character progression challenges you to rack up victories on the field in order to upgrade your characters, boost the ranks of your army, and get serious bragging rights. The key to your success will depend on your ability to improve your skills and utilise the best strategies, so to lend a helping hand, Outfit7 Quality Engineer Marko Drvaric has shared the following insider tips and tricks to help you become a true Legend.

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But don't just take our word for it - try these tips and tricks in action by downloading the game on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store.

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Spend Your Resources Wisely

You can use gold and duplicates in the game to upgrade your warriors (both Champions and Legends). With gold in particular, you’ll want to be careful because there’s a limited amount you can earn and spend. Best advice? Focus on strengthening one or two Origins, and make sure to upgrade a variety of Classes. This will allow you to have a well-rounded team that can handle different situations.

Don’t Miss Limited Events

Time-limited events are a great way to grind resources and make improvements to your army. Make sure to participate in daily, adventure, and incursion events (they all help in different ways) to maximise your resources.

Pay Attention to Positioning

Positioning is key in Mythic Legends. Essentially, where you place your Champions on the Battle Board determines whether or not their power is utilised properly – and with the maximum impact. Think tank-type Champions at the front so they’re in melee range with your enemies, and long-range (or weaker) assets in the back.

Balance Your Formations

Having a well-balanced formation is crucial. Make sure to distribute your Classes evenly to ensure that you have a variety of options in battle – and ensure you live to fight another day.

Choose the Right Artifacts

Artifacts can enhance the abilities of warriors on the Battle Board (you can get them as rewards after battles). They’re also the main way for you to change your formation strength during a tournament, so it’s important to use them well. Don’t just use the strongest Artifact you’ve got regardless of the situation – think about how it synergizes with your formation and deploy it strategically.

Be Aware of Your Legends

Legends are the commanders of your army. And for them to lead effectively, you’ll want to make sure they synergize with the Champions on the Battle Board. Legends have special abilities so keep in mind what yours does and use it to benefit your formation.

Use the Spy Function

Want to gain an edge in battle? Remember the spy function and use it to your advantage! Tap on the spyglass above the Battle Board to spy on your opponent’s formation in order to adjust your formation and plan your moves.

Upgrade Your Champions

Not all Champions are equal, so take stock of their rarity (there are four tiers of Champion rarity – Common, Rare, Legendary, and Mythic) and prioritise upgrading the better-rarity champions to maximise your chances of success.

Have Fun!

Battles are action-packed and the desire to win can be strong! But remember it’s a game so enjoy the experience and have fun.

Grab Promo Codes

The promo codes shared on the Mythic Legends Discord and social channels can make a big difference to your game. Be sure to follow along for freebies and discounts every ranked season! Right now, give your game a legendary boost with the code “ML2000” to get 2,000 gold coins and 250 diamonds.

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