Mystery of Woolley Mountain is a quirky new point-and-click puzzle for iOS

Another new puzzle game makes the jump to mobile

Mystery of Woolley Mountain is a quirky new point-and-click puzzle for iOS
  • Mystery of Woolley Mountain is a new game for the iOS App Store
  • It previously released on Steam after a successful crowdfunding campaign
  • Now you can solve the mystery in the palm of your hand!

Step into the shoes of a very unlikely hero in Mystery of Woolley Mountain, a new point-and-click adventure game just released on the iOS App Store. Originally released for PC in 2019 off the back of a successful crowdfunding campaign, Mystery of Woolley Mountain follows the same sort of vibe as other point-and-click titles like Monkey Island, and now you can take it with you in the palm of your hand.

Partnering up with a group of time-travelling audio scientists, your task is to save a group of children who have been kidnapped by a malevolent witch. To do so you'll have to solve perplexing puzzles, meet quirky characters, explore dozens of environments and more, all set to an original soundtrack in a game suitable for all ages.

Quirkiness to the max A frightened looking man in a top hat with a moustache standing on a mountain confronted by a goblin in a tree.

Alright, so your tolerance of a game like Mystery of Woolley Mountain is probably going to be inversely proportional to exactly how much you can stand quirky British humour. However, for people who like that sort of thing, or fans of other point-and-click games like the Monkey Island series, Mystery of Woolley Mountain looks as if it'll offer exactly what you want. Confusing but challenging puzzles, strange characters and a bizarre world to explore with lashings of comedy on top.

Can't get much more true to the point-and-click experience than that.

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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