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My Dog is a new pet simulation game coming for dog lovers, available now for iOS and Android

My Dog is a new pet simulation game coming for dog lovers, available now for iOS and Android
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Boltrend games, the publishers of Disgaea RPG, Atelier Online and Idola Phantasy Star Saga have announced the global release of their newest game, My Dog, which is a realistic dog-raising simulation game giving you the chance to nurture the puppy you never had.

My Dog offers you over 60 unique species of dogs to choose from, all of which you can dress up, feed, train and play with! Design the perfect home for you pupper and invite its friends over!

The features of the game include:

  • 64+ breeds of dogs
  • Play with your friends by visiting their homes
  • Play fun games to keep your puppy happy
  • Take AR pictures with your dog

The story of how this game came to fruition is an extremely wholesome one and we'd love to share it with you. The creator of the game received his first adopted puppy at the age of 15, a puppy small enough to fit into his palm (awww).

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He took utmost care of his new companion, and this helped him gain a sense of responsibility and sympathy towards all dogs. He had decided that this would be his one and only puppy because experiencing the loss of another puppy would be extremely tragic.

You’re bound to miss your little buddy when he’s gone and so did the creator. He kept thinking of ways to use technology to bring his doggo back. This eventually led him to form a dedicated team of engineers and artists that have created the absolutely adorable game, My Dog.

The creator’s puppy lives on through this game, and whether you’ve had a puppy or not, this is your chance to actually get yourself a virtual best friend!

Celebrate your unconditional love for dogs by downloading My Dog on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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