My Dog – Pet Simulator’s latest update adds a multitude of features and improvements

My Dog – Pet Simulator’s latest update adds a multitude of features and improvements
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My Dog – Pet Simulator, the virtual paradise for all dog lovers received a major update today. Version 1.5.0 of the dog sim will feature new events, skins, special offers, and AI improvements to end the year on a happy note.

To kick things off, all users will be granted 50 diamonds for free as a thank you for supporting the game. V1.5.0 introduces a new privilege system – the Gold Privilege. This battle pass kinda feature will gradually reward players with numerous rewards after activation. The more victories a player accumulates, the greater the number of trophies, additional gold, diamonds, and doggy tags they will be awarded.

Each breed in My Dog will also receive five to six new skins so that players can choose unique patterns to dress their dog up and make them the goodest boy or girl ever! The new Kennel Collection System will also allow trainers to collect dogs from all tiers to update their attributes.

New daily missions have been added with this update. Check out all the new activities that can be performed below:

  • Win challenges
  • Defeat stray dogs
  • Loot stranger’s furniture
  • Get Dog Tags
  • Score 600 points in Performance
  • Catch blue frogs
  • Achieve 25 jumps in Jump Rope
  • Spend diamonds

My Dog discourages any sort of bullying on their platform and so, v1.5.0 introduces a new Child Protection Function called the Teenage Mode for users below the age 16. It prohibits the use of Post and Chat functions and can be toggled from the settings. Lots of bugs have been squashed and performance has been improved, particularly the dogs’ movements, which are now smoother than ever and bumping into each other has been reduced. Lastly, the ongoing special offer allows everyone to get whatever items they want, including their favourite furniture sets, outfits, dog skins, and more.

Get yourself a virtual dog by downloading My Dog – Pet Simulator for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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