Simulation games are a genre of video game that allows you to play a game that is similar to the real world. These games copy various activities that can be performed in real life, either in a more simplified way or in a way that often adds gameplay elements. There are so many of them, that's why we've come together to create this list of the best new mobile simulation games of 2020

Varying from ones that simulate real life in general to more specific ones that allow you to run entertainment parks or create your own videogames yourself. There are so many simulation games, and there have been dozens released this year alone.

These types of games allow you to live out your dreams, try out new jobs, put yourself in charge of other places and just escape for a while, doing something that may not seem so far fetched. Over the last year, there have been a lot of different simulation games being released! While many have built upon previous games, adding new aspects and levels, others have opened up new experiences to help players escape from their current lives.

Let’s get into the best new mobile simulations games of 2020, so that you can explore new experiences!