MyBrute battles its way onto iPhone

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MyBrute battles its way onto iPhone
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We've been following French developer Bulkypix since Hysteria Project first crept from the shadows, and its latest game – an adaptation of the popular web-based RPG fighter MyBrute has just hit the App Store. Literally.

MyBrute is a web phenomenon with around 1.7 million players dipping in every day to do a bit of online training in their virtual dojos.

The game enables you to create your own mini-pugilist, decide on their fighting style, then pit them against a world of other combatants. Each fighter can only take so much punishment each day (five fights), making MyBrute something of a quick yet regular fix of turn-based violence that requires you to train each and every day to build an unbeatable fighter.

It's this regular training that's the real key to success in MyBrute, and allows you to become the disciple of more experienced MyBrute masters and even open your own dojos and take your own closed-door students.

Bulkypix has also tied the iPhone adaptation to the OpenFeint social network, so you can get involved in the martial community, chat and challenge. It's even equipped with Facebook Connect, which enables friends to buy the game directly and become your student.

Regular updates are planned to bring more new weapons, clothes and other features (an online leaderboard is coming soon). Next week the Bulkypix team is also planning on releasing a series of training videos to teach you the finer points of virtual kung fu.

Hit the 'Buy It!' button to head on over to the App Store and get in on the action.

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