My Brute gets potions and Game Center in giant update

Green giant

My Brute gets potions and Game Center in giant update
| My Brute

My Brute, Bulkypix’s wacky online combat game that has you trading blows with other Brutes from around the world, has received a huge new update.

The My Brute download features three new potions, giving your character some sweet new powers.

The Incredible Bulk juice turns your Brute into a green giant with savage strength that causes loads of damage. The Animal Fury Potion turns your pets into genetically modified beasts, which bite and claw their way to victory.

Finally, there's the Blazing Weapon spell, which simply burns your enemy to ashes. If you don’t want to go piecemeal, you can get all the potions in a single “Alchemy Pack” and deal massive destruction to your opponents.

You’ve also got Game Center support to look forward to. The game features 24 new achievements to grab before you can be named the 'Legendary Warrior'. The unlockable awards are apparently for My Brute veterans, though, so newbies beware.

You get the update for free. If you haven’t picked up the game yet, it’ll set you back £2.99 / $4.99 / €3.99.