Details of My Brute's micro-transactions revealed

Coming in the next update

Details of My Brute's micro-transactions revealed
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A while back we reported Bulkypix's My Brute online brawler was going to have new micro-transactions features in the next update.

Now, talking on, Bulkypix's CEO Vincent Dondaine has revealed more about the various options that will soon be available.

These include content packs, which will consist of an arena, a full character set for male and female, and an additional Brute slot.

There will also be character slots packs so you can unlock the nine slots you have in the game quickly, or get a bigger dojo if you already have the maximum.

In addition, there will be the option to buy full control over your dojo so you can customise all the characters when you want and to delete Brutes you don't want without closing your dojo.

And, for the game's biggest fans, there will be an in-app purchase to buy unlimited combats to grow your dojo faster.

These will be priced at 99c, €0.79 or 59p.

Dondaine says, Bulkypix will continue to add new free content, too.

More generally, he defends the introduction of in-app micro-transactions.

"I understand players are now used to spending 99c for games that receive frequent, free updates but the reality is this isn't sustainable. It's not possible to earn enough money to pay your development team to create new things and to entertain players in this way. I think it's important to share this with players," he points out.

"In-app purchases are a good way to keep independent developers working on the App Store, and creating more games with incredible concepts and innovative features."

My Brute is available now priced 99c, €0.79 or 59p.

The update - which will be free - should be out soon. Hit the 'Buy It!' button to go directly to the App Store.

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