MU Archangel launches patch 1.06, adding in the new Temple of Solomon end-game content

MU Archangel launches patch 1.06, adding in the new Temple of Solomon end-game content
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WEBZEN announced the latest update for its popular mobile MMORPG MU Archangel. Patch 1.09 sees the addition of a new Corps event entitled the Temple of Solomon, which features 5 floors where players will battle against elite enemies and bosses to acquire a vast selection of Temple Artifacts.

This new Temple of Solomon content is definitely end-game focused, only opening after a player’s 7th Class Change and upon reaching Master Level 300. With that in mind, Temple of Solomon is meant to operate as a very repeatable and grindable piece of end-game content, operating in the same manner as something like Rifts from Diablo 3 or Maps in Path of Exile, for those familiar with other loot-focused ARPGs like MU Archangel.

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To enter each floor of the Temple of Solomon, players will have to meet certain requirements like specific Element Resistances and gear, and you’ll also accumulate fatigue while in the Temple of Solomon, having to leave once that fatigue reaches 300. This is meant to keep players from exclusively farming this 24/7 and to make sure you’ll indulge in the wide variety of other end-game activities MU Archangel has.

The loot you’ll be receiving from the Temple, Temple Artifacts will allow players to gather up different options and Temple RES Types, which they can then upgrade further to open up both of those options even further. Awakening these Artifacts will also grant a wide variety of boons and abilities to the Artifact, so there’s plenty of reason to continue grinding them out and buffing up your item even further.

This is the primary highlight of patch 1.06, but there are a few other smaller additions that are worth checking out, and you can find those over on the official MU Archangel website which will show off all the good patch notes information.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to get started on MU Archangel and get to the end-game to try out this new piece of content, you can find it for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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